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MaxLuxCore is the 3dsMax internal plugin to render directly inside 3dsmax using LuxCore API. The plugin(s) is written in c++. MaxLuxCore is still under development and needs more work to be a complete renderer, in short time it will support all standard lights, shaders, cameras and more.

The original forum discussion about this topic can be found here

Screenshot by Omid Ghotbi (TAO)

MaxLuxCore is written in C++, and it's integrated into the

interface like most other renderer plugins and natively

utilizes the LuxCore interface.

This renderer plugin is still in an early stage of development.

If you want to contribute by testing the plugin, suggesting

features or by joining the developer team refer to this thread

for more information.

Report bugs & feature requests

For now, you can report any bugs and suggestions in MaxLuxCore Subforum until bug tracker gets ready.

Supported features


Material previews in the material editor.

LRI Matte

This is a basic shader, that supports:

   Diffuse texture
   Basic color 

LRI Glow

This is a shader that lets you use mesh as light. Currently, it supports:


LRI Template

This is a template material that we use for development, this is where we first implement new features and then move them over to other shaders.

Architectural material

We try to support the standard material 'Architectural material'. This is so that users of the architectural application can more easily render their scenes without converting the shaders. This is work in progress, but currently, it supports:

Template settings:

   Metal brushed

More features are added as we progress.


When an unsupported material type is chosen MaxLuxCore will render it as a standard grey material.

Unsupported materials

All unsupported shaders are simply rendered as a matte grey material.


MaxLuxCore translates these standard lights into luxrender lights:

   Spot Light
   Directional Light
   Sky Light 

Not all parameters for these are translated yet, but color and intensity is supported. The rest is work in progress - and later we will create fully custom lights that have all the luxrender light parameters in their GUI.

Unsupported lights

if there is no light in the scene, the plugin will automatically create a skylight as a Default light in the scene. It'll work as ambient/global light.


We support the standard 'target camera' and 'physical target camera. We will add support for 'viewport' type rendering soon. Also, a custom Luxrender camera with all the luxrender camera settings in its GUI will be created as soon as we have time.

Examples and Demos