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By indicating a color temperature, you can easier get the correct light color in your scene. Some general color temperatures for common light sources are:

  • Candles (1850K)
  • Incandescent (2700)
  • Halogen (3000K)
  • Fluorescent (4200)
  • The sun (5000-6500K)

The target mood of a scene can be achieved by picking the right color temperature. and has got good guides for that.
For a detailed explanation of color temperature, see for example

Color Depth

  • Output value: color

Color depth, also known as color at depth, is a texture designed to make setting absorption simpler. Normally, you set absorption by defining the color that will be absorbed, resulting in a color control that is essentially "backwards". This texture allows you to instead set the desired result color and how far the light should penetrate before reaching that color.


  • Transmission color - The target color of the transmitted light as it reaches the defined depth
  • Depth - The depth in meters at which the specified transmission color is reached