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Luxcore materials rough glass.jpg

The Rough Glass material represents a rough dielectric surface. It works well for frosted glass and some kinds of ice.



The index of refraction for the material. This value determines the overall appearance of the material, and should be set according to the material you are trying to simulate.

Reflection Color

This is the color of light reflected from the surface.

Transmission Color

This is the color that light will be filtered to after being transmitted. The color given here will be applied to the material uniformly, regardless of the object's thickness. You may wish to assign a volume to the material instead to get more accurate absorption in the glass. If you use a volume, set this color to full white.


This determines how clear the material is by varying the roughness of microfacets. Lower values are clearer, with 0 being a perfectly reflective and transmissive surface like the standard glass material. Higher value are rougher, with 0.8 being matte.

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