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A mix of amorphous carbon metal and glossy translucent

The Mix material is a special material that is used to combine two other materials. Note that it is possible to use one mix material as a component of another mix material. This allows for complex shader combinations.


Material 1

Slot to attach the first component material.

Material 2

Slot to attach the second component material.

Mix Amount

This specifies how much each component material contributes to the final result. A mix amount of 0 results in only the first component, 1 results in only the second component, everything else is somewhere in between. The mix amount can also be controlled with a float(grey-scale) texture, to allow the blending to be localized.

Note that mixing volumes is not possible. Any volume used by Material 1 or Material 2 will be ignored. The Mix material itself can however have a volume.

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