MaxToLux Plugin Release Notes

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New Features

  • Added the support for 3dsmax 2018-2019-2020-2021(Problem with openimageIO.dll still persist)
  • Added the support for sub materials
  • Added the support for sub textures
  • support for regional local language (beta)
  • Add support for render device selection
  • Add support for IBL (image-based lighting)
  • Add world volume support
  • Add support for Smooth segment group
  • Add support for multilayer material support
  • Add support for viewport material support (beta)
  • Add brand New Lux Lights
    • Laser
    • Sky
    • Sun
    • Spot
    • Point
    • Sphere
  • Add all image pipelines
    • Gamma Correction
    • Auto Linear
    • Lux Linear
    • Tonemap Linear
    • Reinhard
    • Gaussian Filter
    • Odin Denoiser


  • Faster material preview
  • Better material preview
  • Better Gamma support (Still gamma need to be set off in 3dsmax)
  • Better support for VFB
  • Better support for Clone VFB

Fixed Bugs

  • Fixed issue with big scenes
  • Fix memory leak in render time
  • Fixed crash if Change Material type
  • Fixed crash if the texture has a long path or contains space - Replaced with the asset manager for better file handling
  • Fixed crash if any object, texture, or material name contains a special character or space
  • Fixed crash where no image pipeline selected
  • Fix glass does not render correctly
  • Fixed Sobol sampler does not work properly
  • Fix denoiser not work on the final render
  • Fix texture issue that causes first texture always removed from scene and cause crash on the final render

Knowing issues

  • Bump and Normal bump not working correctly.
  • Volumetric map Missing
  • Wrong category for material
  • Lux Cameras Missing
  • Render element and layer missing
  • Lux Light incorrect bounding box
  • post-render effect like Bloom does not support yet (interface only)
  • uninstall plugin can cause 3dsmax crash
  • image sampler Michell does not work properly
  • wrong alpha channel in VFB

Installer Inprovment

  • Correct name in windows add remove the program
  • Better installation handler
  • detect 3dsmax location
  • Add registry keys to handle installation and uninstallation