LuxCoreRender Release Notes v2.5

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New Features

  • Added the support for Optix/RTX acceleration
  • Added the support for Optix denoiser imagepipeline plugin
  • GPU imagepipeline now allocated buffers for only the used AOVs by each plugin
  • batch.haltspp now supports 2 parameters too in order to have separate halt conditions for eye and light tracing
  • Added the support for camera not uniform and anamorphic bokeh (issue #409)
  • Variance clamping is now applied separately to each radiance group (issue #414)

Fixed Bugs

  • Added the support for pixel filtering to light tracing (issue #413)

Known Problems

  • accelerator.bvh.builder.type = EMBREE_MORTON doesn't work with the latest Embree
  • Python crashes when calling sys.exit()
  • TILEPATHOCL (and RTPATHOCL) count the layers of transparent surfaces as an iteration of the rendering finite state machine so they require to increase the max. path depth to avoid black regions.
  • Light emitted by motion blurred triangle lights is approximated using the triangle area of time 0.0 (computing triangle area at runtime would be expansive) so it may be not totally accurate if the motion blur transformation include a scale.
  • Variance clamping is not applied to AOVs