LuxCoreRender Release Notes v2.2

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New Features

Alpha0 released

  • Added a new way to blend brute force path tracing and cache in PhotonGI. Cache is now used more often on glossy surfaces
  • Introduced a new PhotonGI debug mode to show the mix between brute force and cached paths
  • Added the support for automatic PhotonGI indirect cache best radius estimation
  • Added the support for automatic PhotonGI indirect cache size by using convergence error estimation

Fixed Bugs

  • Fixed rendering resume feature

Alpha0 released

  • Fixed a problem with infinite lights and BiDir or PhotonGI
  • Fixed a bug when using radiance groups with variance clamping and OpenCL

Known Problems

Blender Addon (BlendLuxCore)

New features

  • Support for new PhotonGI cache (WIP)
  • Support for Intel OIDN denoiser (WIP)
  • OIDN denoises the viewport once it pauses (enabled by default, pause after 10 seconds by default)

Alpha0 released

Fixed Bugs

  • Fix Tool panel in blender reporting eye paths and light paths wrong
  • Fix Point light size draw function using location without constraints
  • Show noise halt threshold settings for Bidir engine
  • Fix some bugs in group instance visiblity
  • Fix missing srgb/linear conversion in HSV input of constant color node
  • Fix volume priority not being exported
  • Fix bug: pointiness was not working if the last material slot did not contain a pointiness node
  • Improve viewport startup in complex scenes by ignoring materials touched by the export process when evaluating future updates
  • Fix viewport denoiser not working without a camera
  • Fix auto-updater not copying permission bits (this was a problem only for the OIDN standalone binary, which was not executable for this reason)

Alpha0 released

  • Fix bug: area light was not removed during viewport render when its layer was made invisible

Known problems