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Luxcore materials cloth.jpg

The Cloth material simulates a woven fabric. The model's parameters are too many to expose individually, but presets are available for typical fabrics such as denim, polyester cloth, wool and silk. The material is based on the PhD thesis "The Appearance of Woven Cloth" by Piti Irawan. LuxCoreRender's implementation is an adaptation of the code in Wenzel Jakob's Mitsuba renderer, which was again based on code by Irawan.

Important note: the object you are assigning this material to will have to be UV unwrapped for this material to work properly.


Preset Name

Six presets with different stitch patterns are available. The ones below are rendered with the same diffuse and specular colors, but due to the different stitch patterns and specularity of the preset the look of the cloth varies. More advanced cloth materials can be created by using textures instead of solid colors on the diffuse and specular channels, and by mixing with other materials such as velvet or glossy translucent.

Warp and Weft Diffuse Color

Diffuse base color of the warp and weft fibers.

Warp and Weft Specular Color

Specular color of the warp and weft fibers.

Repeat U and V

Scale of the weave in U and V direction according to the UV unwrapping.


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