Implementing a Texture

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C++ Code

Files that need to be created:

  • Header: include/slg/textures/yourtexturename.h
  • Source: src/slg/textures/yourtexturename.cpp

Files that need to be edited:

  • Base texture header: include/slg/textures/texture.h
  • Sceneparse: src/slg/scene/parsetextures.cpp
  • CMakeLists.txt: src/slg/CMakeLists.txt

Commit with example: adding the "Divide" texture:

Modifying the base texture header

Open the file include/slg/textures/texture.h
Add your new texture type to the TextureType enum.

Modifying Sceneparse


Modifying CMakeLists.txt


Compile and Test

To test your plugin, compile LuxCore: Compiling_LuxCore

After the compilation succeeds, you will need a scene to test your plugin. The easiest method is to edit one of the .scn files in the scenes/luxball directory.

TODO Example

Now, run luxcoreui from the root LuxCore directory with

./bin/luxcoreui ./scenes/luxball/luxball-sunset.cfg

TODO result example image

OpenCL Code