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Previous version (LuxRender "classic") downloads

LuxCoreRender has replaced the previous LuxRender software. The last version of "classic" LuxRender is the 1.6, released in 2016.

You can download the binaries and source code of the previous version from the GitHub repository :

OS Download
Windows 64 bits - OpenCL LuxRender.1.6.x64.OpenCL.Setup.exe
Windows 64 bits - No OpenCL LuxRender.1.6.x64.NoOpenCL.Setup.exe
Windows 32 bits - OpenCL LuxRender.1.6.x86.OpenCL.Setup.exe
Windows 32 bits - No OpenCL LuxRender.1.6.x86.NoOpenCL.Setup.exe
MacOS LuxRender_1.6_OSXIntel_64bit.dmg
Linux 64 bits - OpenCL lux-v1.6-x86_64-sse2-OpenCL.tar.bz2
Linux 64 bits - No OpenCL lux-v1.6-x86_64-sse2-NoOpenCL.tar.bz2

For other downloads, the LuxRender website was archived by and you can browse it using the WayBack Machine.

This is a copy of the website that was online on March 11 2018 :

You can download from there any older version.

Please remember that LuxRender is not actively developed anymore. The links provided here are for users that may need to use a previous version, for example to render an older scene file. It is encouraged to adapt your files for newer versions of LuxCoreRender to benefit from the new features and performance.

LuxRender "classic" sources

LuxRender "classic" sources are preserved at