LuxCoreRender Release Notes v2.3

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New Features

  • LuxCoreUI now shows eye and light pass counters if light tracing is enabled
  • FILESAVER now expands inline exported constant texture values
  • PhotonGI caustic scene re-factored to work with Vertex Merging (i.e. SPPM in this case)
  • It is now possible to use light tracing for normal caustics and PhotonGI cache for SDS paths
  • Added the support for shadow rays transparency for path tracers (aka hybrid glass, issue #233)
  • Added the support for Basu and Owen's low discrepancy triangle light sampling (pull request #246)
  • Added an option to normalize BlackBody texture output
  • Pointiness shape is now able to handle duplicate/similar vertices like if they were the same
  • Added the support for Subdivison shape (base don OpenSubdiv)
  • Added the support for Displacement shape
  • Added the support for vector displacement to Displacement shape
  • New image pipeline plugin: White balance
  • Using/Not using bump/normal mapping doesn't require OpenCL compilation anymore (removed PARAM_HAS_BUMPMAPS conditional OpenCL compilation)
  • Large rework of internal light interface. Fixed several instance/motion blur and lights related problems. Triangle light motion blur now works as expected in OpenCL.
  • Large rework of internal mesh interface. Improved the performance of instanced and motion blur meshes.
  • Changed object and material ID for background to 0 (from 0xffffffff)
  • Added the support for screen space subdivision limit to SubdivShape
  • Using/Not using any type of transparency doesn't require OpenCL compilation anymore (removed PARAM_HAS_PASSTHROUGH conditional OpenCL compilation)
  • Added an Harlequin shape (mostly to debug meshes)
  • Added a Simplify shape (to decimate the number of triangles in a mesh with the smaller possible error)
  • Reduced the default number of OpenCL threads from 512k to 256k (to save about 150MB of GPU RAM at 1-2% performance cost)
  • Changing max. path and/or Russian Roulette parameters doesn't require OpenCL compilation anymore (removed PARAM_MAX_PATH_DEPTH, PARAM_MAX_PATH_DEPTH_DIFFUSE, PARAM_MAX_PATH_DEPTH_GLOSSY, PARAM_MAX_PATH_DEPTH_SPECULAR, PARAM_RR_DEPTH and PARAM_RR_CAPPARAM_HAS_BUMPMAPS conditional OpenCL compilation)
  • Added the support the definition of meshes with multiple UVs, Colors and Alphas (issue #134)
  • Added the BAKECPU engine (LuxCore API only)
  • Added the glTF v2.0 FILESAVER support (LuxCore API only)
  • Changing hybrid backward/forward path tracing settings doesn't require OpenCL compilation anymore (removed PARAM_HYBRID_BACKFORWARD and PARAM_HYBRID_BACKFORWARD_GLOSSINESSTHRESHOLD conditional OpenCL compilation)
  • Changing PhotonGI settings doesn't require OpenCL compilation anymore (removed PARAM_PGIC_ENABLED, PARAM_PGIC_INDIRECT_ENABLED, PARAM_PGIC_CAUSTIC_ENABLED, etc.)
  • Changing force black background flag doesn't require OpenCL compilation anymore (removed PARAM_FORCE_BLACK_BACKGROUND)
  • Changing variance clamping settings doesn't require OpenCL compilation anymore (removed PARAM_SQRT_VARIANCE_CLAMP_MAX_VALUE)
  • Changing LIGHT_WORLD_RADIUS_SCALE doesn't require OpenCL compilation anymore (removed PARAM_RADIUS)
  • Enabling/disabling volumes doesn't require OpenCL compilation anymore (removed PARAM_HAS_VOLUMES and SCENE_DEFAULT_VOLUME_INDEX)
  • Added the support for triplanar mapping
  • Enabling/disabling camera clipping and/or OculusRift barrel doesn't require OpenCL compilation anymore (removed PARAM_CAMERA_ENABLE_CLIPPING_PLANE and PARAM_CAMERA_ENABLE_OCULUSRIFT_BARREL)
  • Changing any pixel filter related parameter doesn't require OpenCL compilation anymore (removed all PARAM_IMAGE_FILTER_*)
  • Disney material now accepts values > 1.0 for sheen parameter
  • Changing camera type doesn't require OpenCL compilation anymore (removed PARAM_CAMERA_TYPE)
  • Changing any image map related settings doesn't require OpenCL compilation anymore (removed all PARAM_HAS_IMAGEMAPS_*)
  • Added the support for UV-less bump mapping with triplanar mapping
  • Changing the number of light groups used doesn't require OpenCL compilation anymore (removed PARAM_FILM_RADIANCE_GROUP_*)
  • Reduced (again) the default number of OpenCL threads from 256k to 128k
  • Added the support for .normalizebycolor emission property
  • Using a GPU memory block larger than CL_DEVICE_MAX_MEM_ALLOC_SIZE now triggers only a warning. Some driver/hardware (i.e. NVIDIA) is able to allocate larger blocks.
  • Enabling/disabling BCD denoiser doesn't require OpenCL compilation anymore (removed PARAM_FILM_DENOISER)
  • Changing RTPATHOCL rendering parameters doesn't require OpenCL compilation anymore (removed PARAM_RTPATHOCL_*)
  • Rework of OpenCL samplers code to not require OpenCL compilation anymore when changing sampler (removed PARAM_SAMPLER_*)
  • Changing AOVs used doesn't require OpenCL compilation anymore (removed PARAM_FILM_CHANNELS_*)
  • Adding/Removing a new light source type doesn't require OpenCL compilation anymore (removed PARAM_HAS_*LIGHT)

Beta1 released

Fixed Bugs

  • Fixed triangle lights back face emission when using an IES or image map profile
  • Fixed OpenCL code for rotate triangle light when using IES or image map profile (BlendLuxCore iusse #310)
  • Fixed light tracing when using orthographic camera
  • Fixed a light intensity problem with OpenCL rendering when using a mix of materials with emission
  • Fixed the support for wrap mode in image maps loaded from files
  • Fixed a brightness problem when rendering large images with Metropolis sampler
  • Fixed a brightness problem when rendering caustics with PhotonGI caustic cache
  • Fixed a bug in Mix material OpenCL code when mixing transparent and not transparent materials
  • Fixed a crash when rendering an empty scene with OpenCL and EnvLightVisibilityCache
  • Fixed a problem with mesh light sources when deleting an object with LuxCore API (issue #290)
  • Fixed a bug when evaluating complex tree of bump mapping nodes (issue #198)

Beta1 released

Blender Addon (BlendLuxCore)

New features

  • OpenVDB node
  • Support for new shadow color feature
  • Support for new white balance image pipeline plugin
  • Area lights now have UV coordinates
  • Image sequence support
  • Triplanar mapping node (+ triplanar bump node)
  • Rework of caustic cache settings
  • Only disable imgpipeline plugins in viewport because of denoiser when necessary (only for contour lines and color aberration)
  • Support for blackbody normalize option
  • New "exclude from render" flag for objects, to make it possible to have them visible in other render engines but invisible in LuxCore
  • Support for LuxCore shape pipeline and new shape modifiers: OpenSubDiv, Displacement, Vector Displacement, Simplify
  • Sun lights are now by default invisible to indirect specular rays when using the Path engine, because these paths would only generate fireflies anyway
  • New TimeInfo node
  • Allow values > 1 in disney sheen parameter
  • Accelerated export of instances and particles (in a scene with 100,000 particles: from 33 seconds in v2.2 to 1.3 seconds total export time in v2.3)
  • Improved status messages in the UI during export of complex scenes
  • Added camera invisible support for hair
  • Hair on instances is now duplicated correctly
  • Float node sockets now show 3 instead of 2 decimal places
  • Make it possible to enable/disable PhotonGI in materials even if PhotonGI is disabled globally
  • Support for environment light cache persistent file
  • Support for direct light cache persistent file

Fixed Bugs

  • Fixed bugs in smoke export
  • Show camera background image panel
  • Fixed film refresh not happening at the promised time because it was waiting for the next statistic update
  • Fixed instancer being shown in final render even if disabled
  • Fixed smoke export to match cycles render by translate the grid by 1/4*cell_size
  • Fixed light emission when Power or Efficacy = 0
  • Support for multiple UV maps and multiple Vertex color channels
  • Fix UV offset being off by 1 in some node setups due to a correction factor being applied twice

Changes that break backwards-compatibility

Old scenes created with v2.2 will need to be updated manually in the areas listed below to make them look the same in v2.3:

  • The ImagePipeline tonemapper default settings were changed: auto brightness is now disabled by default (was enabled), gain is now 1.0 by default (was 0.5)
  • Lights now have two modes for choosing the brightness: "artistic" and "power". Default is now "artistic". This means that the light settings of old scenes have to be changed manually to make them look identical to v2.2.
  • It is now no longer possible to tint the sun and the sky color
  • Sun lights in "distant" mode are now normalized by default. To make old scenes appear the same, disable the "Normalize" option in the light settings

Known problems