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Always check the site's Terms of Use or FAQ for the license. As textures usually are a big part of a render, it's always recommended to mention where you got the texture from if you got it for free. If you plan to share the scene file, be very careful with the textures you use as some sites do not allow redistribution of their textures. Some sites do allow redistribution but only if the texture is not part of a texture pack and instead part of another project (your 3D scene). Always respect the license of a texture.

Site Name Requires Registration Free / Paid Textures Allows redistribution
textures.one No Free Yes
CC0 Textures No Free Yes
Texture Haven No Free Yes
cgbookcase.com No Free Yes
Amazing textures Yes Free and paid No
Anniemation No Free Yes but only if part of another project
Aversis Yes and no Free for non-commercial use and paid No
Ben Cloward No Free Yes
Burning Well No Free Yes. Public domain
Image After No Free Yes
Lugher Texture No Free and paid No
Open footage No Free and paid Yes
Plaintextures No Free and paid No
Share CG Yes Free Varies
Texture bits No Free No
Textures.com Yes Free and paid No
Texture king No Free No
Texturez No Free No
TextureMate No Free Yes, but not commercially
Tony Textures No Free and paid No
Solar Textures No Free Yes (CC BY 4.0)

Sky Maps

Site Name Requires Registration Free / Paid Images Allows redistribution
CGSkies No Free and paid No
Collection at BlenderArtist No Free Yes

High Dynamic Range Images (HDRIs)

Site Name Requires Registration Free / Paid Images Allows redistribution
HDRI Haven No Free Yes
Aversis Yes Free and paid No
Bernhard Vogl No Free for non-commercial -
Evermotion Yes Free and paid No
Hdr labs No Free for non-commercial Yes
ICT USC graphics lab No Free -
Open Footage No Paid and free for non-commercial Yes
zbyg.deviantart.com Set one, Set two, Set three No Free Yes


Site Name
http://threedscans.com/ 3D scans of statues or sculpts. High poly and not UV unwrapped
http://3dmdb.com/ 3D model search engine

IES lighting files

This is a collection from a few lighting vendors. While these are mostly direct links to the IES downloads, it's probably a good idea to look at the lamp they are representing first so you know what result to expect.

Similar lists on other websites