LuxCoreRender Release Notes v2.4

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New Features

  • New OpenCL code to evaluate textures and materials. It doesn't require kernel re-compilation anymore.
  • LuxCoreUI "Fill kernel cache" menu option now pre-compile all possible GPU kernels.
  • LuxCore API KernelCacheFill() is now available for Python
  • New 2-levels Env. Light Visibility Cache (ELVC)
  • Added the support for a new ".sharpness" (default value 0.1, range [0.0, 1.0]) Intel OIDN parameter to blend original and denoised output
  • Removed LuxRays support for virtual devices and hybrid rendering (old LuxRender GPU doing ray intersections and CPU everything else)

Fixed Bugs

Blender Addon (BlendLuxCore)

New features

Fixed Bugs

Known problems