LuxCoreRender Network Rendering

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Quick manual to use network rendering:

  • Export your scene in binary format (.bcf)
  • Open PyLuxCoreTool on your master computer by selecting LuxCore Network Render in Blender or via command line
  • Click "add job" and select the binary luxcore scene (.bcf)
  • On the client computers that should do the rendering work, open pyluxcoretool and choose "netnode"
  • Click "Start node"

If you want the master to participate in rendering, do the steps for a client there, too (open pyluxcoretool a second time).

Installation on MacOS

python3, pip3 and PySide2 need to be installed.

The plugin assumes python3 is available from /usr/local/bin or /usr/local/sbin. If you have an unusual install you can add symbolic links. If you don't have Python3 installed the easiest method is:

brew install python3
brew install pip3
pip3 install PySide2

If you're using pyenv and also have a brew install you may need to do

/usr/local/bin/pip3 install PySide2